Highs and Lows of 2011

Saturday was the last day of 2011, for me 2011 was a very goal orientated year, I started with 5 goals (read Goal Setting), and added a few more along the way. Reflecting on 2011 I realised that I had experienced a lot of Highs and Lows.

Here are a few of my own personal “highs” for 2011:

– Valentine’s Day Dinner with boyfriend

– Kayaking & the blow up boat when Camping with boyfriend

– Sushi Dinners with Louise

– One month without drinking alcohol

– Gold Coast Holiday for a week

– Supanova and meeting Battlestar Glactica Actors

– Bike ride to Redcliffe with boyfriend

– Obtaining a Permeate position at work, no more contracts!!

– Booking the overseas adventure with Flight Centre

– Going to Ekka with all my friends for my birthday

– Bridge to Brisbane 5km

– Colouring my hair blond

– Roller balding with Sarah in Brisbane City

– Many visits to GOMA with boyfriend

– Having house to myself for a month in October

– Learning to meditate

– Learning to swim

– Completing my first Triathlon

– Saving $7000 for my first overseas holiday

– Saving $10,000 toward my future home

– Going overseas to Vietnam and Cambodia

– Ticking ‘Visit Angkor Wat Complex’ off my Bucket List

– Riding an elephant down the South Gate of Angkor Wat

– Buying my First Road Bike and learning to ride it

– Spending the Christmas/New Year holidays at the Sunshine Coast

However, as I smile and reminisced, I also realised that 2011 has in fact had some low points. Here are a few of the “lows” from 2011:

– Loosing some lifelong friends

– Finding out my grandma had cancer.

– When my boyfriend broke up with me. We got back together a week later.

– Injuring my back falling down the stairs at home.

– Trouble sleeping for a long period of time.

– The week my dog Cooper wouldn’t stop vomiting.

– Sleeper train in Vietnam.

– Going to hospital in Cambodia because of an ant getting in my ear and biting it, also had a parasite infection and admitted for 1 night.

2011 was quiet a successful year for me, compared to 2010 where I was living pay to pay, decided to break-up with that terrible ex boyfriend, moved back home to mums due to only obtaining part-time employment, my thyroid crashed causing illness, and had to give a speech at a wedding. Highlights of 2010 were Supanova, being single for 9 months, going to ekka with friends, my birthday dinner night out, P&O Cruise to Cairns for mum’s 50th Birthday, meeting my current boyfriend, and climbing Mount Warning.

From the blog side of things, 2011 has been an amazing year for me. I have absolutely loved sharing some of my thoughts and experiences with you, and I honestly can’t wait for where things are going in 2012. I would just like to thank every single person that has taken the time to visit my site, and be a part of it. I really appreciate the support!

With more energy, and more peace, I am really looking forward to what 2012 can offer me.

Mars on Life.