Goal Setting 2012

In the last week I have started to think about what goals I would like to set for 2012. 2012 already feels like its going to be a big year for me, a year that I feel I will grow as a person.

My 2011 goals have been:

1. Obtain a permanent position at the Public hospital. I Obtained a permanent role in June 2011 as an admin officer in the Oncology Department. Tick!

2. Save at least $7,000.00 towards a future home deposit. In fact I’ve saved so much I will have saved $10,000.00 by Christmas. Tick!

3. Go on an overseas trip. I jump on a plane this Friday night accompanied by my boyfriend to tour Vietnam for 10 days and Cambodia for 4. That’s two countries! Tick!

4. Reach my high school weight of  55 kg. Last thursday the scales showed I was just 900 grams off accomplishing this goal. Along the way to this goal I have completed my first enticer triathlon and gained so much knowledge about food. Once losing the last 900 grams I will have lost 6 kg this year. With about 30 days left in the year I can achieve this goal. Still not tick…. Yet!

5. Become a long distance runner again. I never set a distance for this goal, which may have led to my downfall of not completing it. I did however complete the 5km Bridge to Brisbane in 32 minutes. So I’ve gained the stamina to do a short distance. I know I can run further, a 10km and half marathon next year are likely targets to achieve this goal in full.

What kind of goals am I looking at choosing for 2012:

1. Focus on study that leads to future career development – I can achieve this by completing the Certificate 4 in Project Management I began in September 2011. After completing the Certificate I can then apply for admin management roles within the hospital.

2. My fitness and health – I am already aiming towards a triathlon on 5 February 2012, and most likely a few 10km races etc. Today I signed up to join Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. After reading reviews from pervious competitors I decided that for $200 and twelve weeks of food and work out plans, with online support the 12WBT could be a huge benefit to reach my next weight goal of 50 kg, and increase my running activity. 2012 is the year I become a blonde Michelle bridges!

3. Save a further $10,000.00 towards my home deposit – I admit it! I’m addicted to seeing the money build up in my savings account. I look forward to paying bills on pay days, just so I can flick $500 straight into my house deposit savings account. I really achieved this year by saving, not only for a house deposit, also for the overseas holiday. I Never thought it was possible, it just seems to easy now.

4. Travel – I have a few ideas up my sleeve, maybe a tour of China, possibly the UK or a ski trip to New Zealand. I’ve begun planning a trip to South Australia with a girlfriend, really looking forward to the time we can spend together. Have not made a final decision of where to go but I’ve already begun to save towards this goal!

5. Sell my old clutter from the storage shed – calculating I could be saving myself $2200 a year if I was to empty my storage shed, which equals more “Money – Money – Money” for me. I’ve already got ahead start on this goal by asking my dad to take me to the storage shed when I get back from my holiday to get photos of the furniture and take measurements for the listings on eBay. Then I have the duty of cleaning up mums Harry Potter cupboard under the Stairs to fit my belongings I wish to keep. Mainly cloths, books, DVDs and childhood toys. Not only will I be making a saving, I will also be making a profit by selling!

Those are my 5 big goals, I have other smaller goals, for instance:

Friends and family – I want to see my friends more but around my training activities that are a major focus for the year. I hope to visit my brother and his girlfriend in Townsville when his first house has been built.

Transport – I have been Playing around with the idea of buying a Scooter for A to B transport. Lately I have encountered the worst public transport in years and I totally understand why people in Brisbane wish to clog the roads and drive to work. I wouldn’t want to smell others BO or have people coughing on me everyday either. I would also like that bit of freedom to be able to just get up and go at a moments notice, instead of checking transport times or arranging a lift.

Enhance my skills – writing skills, so that you don’t have to read my terrible gramma anymore! Also my drawing skills, I wish to add a comic strip to this blog in 2012.

Next year I will reach for the stars, striving every day to accomplish these goals to better myself and my future.

Mars on Life.

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