Training Diary ~ 22 November 2011

Today I went for an afternoon swim at the staff pool. The water was cold, the air was windy and the sun hid behind the clouds, determined in my little black bikini I slowly emerging myself into the water. Burr!! Bloody cold!!!

Started with 12 x 15m laps of breast stroke as a warm up, continued to do 15 minutes of easy freestyle, with another 12 laps of just kicking using a float device to hold onto.

I don’t know why, I get a lot of enjoyment out of imagining I’m a turtle swimming along occasional popping my head up to for a breath while kicking. My legs get a workout and I imaging fun thoughts while I try to remember what lap I’m up too.

I tend to swim for 30 minutes and still had 5 remaining on the clock, I spent the remaining time doing breaststroke. Getting out of the pool my legs felt wobbly, the beginning of my walk home downhill was quiet slow, feeling that my legs would give way. I sat on a bus stop bench to shake the wobbles out of my legs. The sun came out, the warmth on my skin made the windy walk home lovely.

Also – I went for a swim last Wednesday and did alternating laps between, freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke. 35 minutes all up and I felt amazing afterwards.

Mars on Life.