Training Diary ~ 10 November 2011

I planned to go for a 30 minute swim at work today.  when arriving at the office I realised I had forgotten my swimming bag, rolling my eyes at myself, I wondered if I should walk back home to get my bag, then my office manager came out and requested some assistance with moving office furniture.  No swim today, I’ll find another alternative later.

On Thursday and Friday I try to not put any junk food into my mouth in a lead up to the weekend when I tend to binge eat (for example last weekend, a celebration worth binge eating too).  Surfing the internet for a few health tips regarding a bloated stomach I have been carrying around from binge eating on the weekend,  I came across a Ab workout video by Dr. Oz’s trainer, Joel Harper.  Joel walks you through an ab workout to tone your tummy.  This program demonstrates variations for beginners and experts, allowing you to tailor your workout for a lean stomach in only 15 minutes. (

I went out to dinner with my friend Louise at Sushi Train Chermside and arriving home later that night I felt really pumped and full of energy.  Switching the computer on and pulling out the yoga mat the workout began.

And WOW…..  Those 15 minutes flew by, a fire was burning on my abs.  I felt that this had worked instantly.  I started each exercise at the beginner level and challenging myself at medium and expert levels throughout the 15 minutes.  The trainer Joel Harper had a positive nature, encouraging viewers to try the next level, giving advice and clear instructions how to do each exercise.  The two background exerciser’s gave the video group exercise experience.  I felt amazing, so good I had to tell my boyfriend and mum straight away (my boyfriend will push me harder now when doing sit ups, I’ve let the cat out of the bag).

I’ve tried iPhone apps before with success, then forget to do the apps as they become repetitive and so boring watching another person do 30 sit ups 10 different ways without music.  The greatness of this ab workout was how I was able to do 15 of each exercise and there was so much energy encouraging you to keep going ahead to try the next levels and the background music.  Even for beginners there were no exercises you would struggle with.

I intend on doing this every 2-3 days until our trip to Vietnam.  If my abs did not hurt so much today (Friday), I would love to go home for another ab workout with Joel.

Mars on Life.