Training Diary ~ 9 November 2011

It is only a few more sleeps until my Triathlon Enticer. If you have not yet noticed…. I am very excited!!! I’ve begun to lose sleep I’m so full of excitement.  Its like I’m going to Disneyland excitement (maybe not that much but you know where I’m going with this).

Last night I set an alarm to make myself get up at 5:00 am so I could get use to early morning fitness session. having  always been an afternoon fitness session person I decided to start with walking the two dogs for 30 minutes a day and work myself up to a swim/run/ride/strength training at the gym in the moorings before beginning work at 7:30 am.

This morning was a massive FAIL!  Hearing my alarm I rolled over, extremely tired from another sleepless night.  I’ll leave meditation until before bed time and not 5:00 pm in the afternoon.  I felt so good after doing only 10 minutes of meditation after the first hour I felt wide awake and full of energy, as a posed to feeling very sleepy right after finishing.  I also had the events from work yesterday weighting on my mind leading to a lot of tossing and turning in my sleep.

So today with my lunch friends both away from work I decided to make it up to myself.  I took my 30 minute lunch break and walked the entire hospital campus, both the Children’s and Adults hospital’s at a fast walking pace (in thongs). My music set to shuffle Fat Boy Slim, Daft Punk and David Guetta all made musical appearances, great motivational music as the sun shined down on my sunburnt skin with its midday heat.

When I arrived back at my desk my boss asked where I had been, I said I had been on a walk around the campus. I coped slack for not notifying my boss of my intentions to leave the grounds during office hours.  I just nodded and got back to my work.  Isn’t a lunch break unpaid? I’ll do what I want.  I got on with my work and began to eagerly look forward to 4:00 pm when I knock-off.

I walked home and relaxed for 20 minutes before putting on my running gear and walked out the door.  My plan:

10 Min Warm Up
30 Min Run (2 mins walk / 4 mins run)
Warm down walking up the last hill home.

What happened?  I made it most of the way around my decided route. Finally giving in on the last set of 4 minute run when my HRM said my heart rate was 201.  It has been registering wrong the last two times I’ve used it, figuring better to be safe then sorry and continued to walk the last 400 metres before hitting the warm down hill and home for a cool shower.  This all took me 35 minutes and I am feeling good about my running performance. The run leg on Sunday is only 2KM were as today was 3.5KM.

It is now time to try out meditation again before going to bed.  Goodnight. I wish you all a better tomorrow.

Mars on Life.