Training Diary ~ 8 November 2011

Today was my first day back at work after a long weekend off with my boyfriend.  I had a pretty under average day back at work and spent most of the workday looking forward to slipping into the hospitals 15 metre staff pool at 4:00 pm.  I swam for 30 minutes alternating between 6 laps breast stroke and 6 laps of freestyle until the clock hit 4:35pm. With a walk home to stretch my legs.

Amongst the many activities my boyfriend and I did on the weekend one of them was reading magazines by the hotel pool and in bed.  I grabbed up a copy of Women’s Health magazine (November issue) reading it from front to back.  Amongst the many articles was one about eastern remedies (think meditation, acupuncture, herbs).

I’ve been rethinking meditation for a few months now as a way to relax more, and empty my mind before going to bed at night.  The article says meditation should be practiced daily, either to music or none at all, and to breath deeply in and out counting each breath for ten minutes to begin with, adding 5 minutes as you become more practiced it will be easier to train your mind from wandering to other thoughts and shed stress from your life.

After downloading a Yoga CD, shut my bedroom door, sat on my bed legs crossed sitting upright and pressed play for the first track, set my iPhone timer for 10 minutes.  Closed my eyes, took in the gentle music and breathed deeply in and out.

Counting each breath from one to one-hundred, readjusting my arms, back and neck positioning.  I felt quiet relaxed.  I restarted a second count to one-hundred.  Counting to 56 I began to feel sleepy, a feeling of falling forward. I opened my eyes to steady myself and closed them again continuing the count.

When the 10 minutes was finished the alarm sounded, opening my eyes with a feeling of being very relaxed and rejuvenated, better than an afternoon power nap.  I feel clear-headed and at ease with myself. The article suggest to practice every day for at least 10 minutes working up to 20 minutes or more.  The basic aim is to untangle yourself from daily stress. After this one session of meditation I felt that my mind wandered 5% of the time and that I can already feel the benefits of continued practice.

Mars on Life.