How to Live Without Facebook for 100 Days? The end is near

With 2 days until the Facebook ban is finished, I have begun to realise that I do actually miss social networking.  I planned alongside this mission to ban Facebook from my daily routine, to begin projects: changing/updating the Mars on Life blog, redevelop drawing skills, listen to music, read books, focus on fitness and interact with people in person more often.  All these projects I have been doing and enjoying the regular extra time in which to do them.

Some days felt dark when the talkative side of my personality started to feel abandoned.  I had dug a hole and decided to live there and not tell a soul where I was.  Comments that would have been status updates, turned into lengthy conversations with friends via emails daily, I found myself welcoming any chance to have an actually conversation with anyone…. I mean anyone.  Until conversations with these “anyone’s” turned into people I did not with to speak to.  Ever again.

My focus came back to my friends, who I would email on a daily basis; we share our work problems, personal issues, weekend experiences, share ideas, give each other a few giggles along the way.

The sharing part of my personality was feeling neglected.  I felt a need to interact.  I had been unable to post a new photo of adventures; I have not been taking photos either.  The photos I have taken are of my dog Cooper and work desk to show people my creative little area.

I have now established a Twitter and Flickr account that will post directly to my Blog where I now intend to hold all online interactions.  My blog Mars on Life will therefore be my online soul.  Facebook will therefore be an advertisement for my blog.

This weekend I can access Facebook again, with it being my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend I doubt I will find anytime to even think about jumping on to Facebook to see what I have missed.


Mars on Life.