My First Anime Drawing

Tonight I have been putting the finishing touches on my first anime drawing that I wish to share.  Hopefully it will be the first of many to appear.

A bit of background about the picture, it started as a pencil sketch of myself and my boyfriend Robin:


Photo of original pencil sketch


As you can tell I had not completely captured our faces. It was a starting point for where I required head placement and how I wanted the photo to have a more sentimental feel.

I spent a large amount of time rubbing out and redesigning the faces from photos I found in my library, as you can see this is a better resemblance to us both.


My final Pencil to paper before scanning and applying my beginner Photoshop skills


And finally after about a month of watching YouTube videos, scanning the internet for tutorials and asking friends advice on how to use the million tools in Photoshop, I have the final result of all my hard work. About 8 to 12 hours has gone into this drawing,  It’s no Mona Lisa. I am extremely happy with the result and with what skills I have acquired and still learning. I can not wait to design more sketches over the coming months and years and post to my blog.


Colour has been added and a few touch ups along the way.

Mars on Life.