This week I’ve found myself asking “is it Friday yet?” or “Is it 4pm?” several times.  I know I need a break, a long weekend break where I can get out of Brisbane and just do NOTHING.  Well except for cuddles, kisses and ST. I have this break booked in for 21 days time for a long weekend away with my boyfriend.

In October the day temperatures rise abruptly, the clouds build up every day and the grass turns greener, then I know it is the beginning of the last quarter. But in my bones, I feel the fatigue which can only come from wrestling through three quarters of the year.  Daily, I meet family, friends and acquaintances, all complaining about “fatigue this time of the year.” Come November I usually start coping better with the last stretch, but in October, I find it particularly hard to get through my chores, do exercise and focus on my workload.

Popular psychology also has it that October is the suicide month. The argument goes something like this: When springs starts and the birds and the bees wake up to a new cycle, then lonely people get depressed. I am not sure if that is scientific or even if it is true, but what I notice is that my calendar says there still is left quite a bit of this year, but my body remains unconvinced. It just wants to shut down and rest for a while.

In our sunny country, I think another reason that may contribute to the general lethargy in October, is the persistent recurrence of winter weather. We are a crowd used to dry hot conditions thus the 6 core weeks of winter always take its toll on my level of activeness. When it seems the winter is finally gone, it always tends to intrude with unexpected late appearances. This was particularly evident during last few weeks.

Talking about the problem does not help me very much except to be amazed at how many people always agree with me when I complain so much and carry on about fatigue.  If there is one consolation, it is the fact that Octoberitis usually disappears by itself towards the end of the month. I think maybe we find inspiration in knowing Christmas and the years-end is approaching, or maybe we automatically get back into optimal mode realising that the most important part of the retail year is still ahead. Nevertheless, getting through this month will remain a challenge for me, as it has always been in the past.

Mars on Life.