Bad Additude

I love Wednesday’s.  I’m halfway through the week and everything is coming up Mars.  Yet this Wednesday has been one annoyance after another.

Several Union issues are going on in my workplace currently, and on Thursday it appears that no admin staff will be at work due to a strike – except me.

Unions have their place, I personally do not feel a need to be apart of all the “endless issues” thatUnion’s bring with them.  My workplace has several Strike actions that include not doing minute taking and processing funding etc, striking that will not effect patient care.  The taking of minutes in meetings has affected me so far.  I have been required to do two meetings that other staff members who are apart of the union refuse to do due to the strike action.  Therefore these responsibilities fall back on me the Non-Union Member of the office.  

After taking minutes, typing them up and forwarding them for revision to the normal minute taker I am now enduring the constant “I cant hear what they are saying, I swear they speak so softly so we can’t hear what they say” nonsense, that this person does when listening to the recording of minutes when she herself would normally take them.  

I had no problem hearing the 2 ½ hours of minutes, and I took several notes during the meeting that I have provided her, so that if the recording was not clear I could easily remember what was said.  I feel I have wasted time putting in the effort for another striking staff member.  If she intended to re-listen to the tape, why not do them yourself in the first place, and not waste my time.

After the 2 day Workshop last week I have begun the data entry from the evaluation forms.  What’s got me wired up now are the negative remarks or ideas of improving the day with Smiley faces J doodled next to it.  We are adults, are we not?  We can take negative feedback, but this just feels like the Workshop is being mocked.  “You could have done spoken about this topic better J”.  These people also draw hearts on top of their i’s.  It’s as bad as the Sunday Mail Movie reviewer and hear ‘hearts’ instead of stars rating system. Grow Up.

Then there is the weekly office gossip about an American cable series that takes in dogs with terrible pasts.  The stories I overhear every week make me sick in my stomach.  Today’s was a poor staffy dog who had his collar on so tight for over 5 years that it is unable to be removed because his skin has grown over it and has been starved for most of its life.  This dog is then pushed through a series behavioural test to see if the animal can be adopted out.  From overhearing the weekly gossip of the series I am yet to hear of a good story where a dog has to pass the behavioural test and able to be adapted out to a good family.  Every Wednesday I hear “it didn’t past this test and the dog got put down”.  Sad Face.

For over a week I have been having issues with all Microsoft Word programs not working.  Saving and opening files will cause my computer to crash.  I’ve called IT nearly 10 times with no luck in having this issue fixed.  After the 4th time of this happening this morning on top of everything else I started to feel like I was going to have a panic attack.  I removed myself from the office and went to the picnic area near the staff pool to relax in the sun.  When I sat down my father called me and needed some IT advice for his new notebook, I’m happy to help him as I felt like I wanted to talk to someone but not about my day or how stressed out I felt.

After writing about the negative people I work with (I haven’t even begun to mention them all), it’s good to just release the tension and hopefully get on with my day, in a much more positive light.  I’ve already put my headphones in and listening to David Guetta’s new album ‘Nothing but the Beats’.

Mars on Life