Hump Day Rant

Today’s actually a special day for me.  BUT…..This morning I wake up an hour early as I could not sleep last night with so much running through my mind.

Since its pay day I checked my internet banking….. My workplace STILL! STILL! STILL! Are not capable of paying me correctly. GRRRRRRR!!!!!  Is it to much to ask to be able to get my pay sorted out so I can feel at ease with my finances?

 At breakfast I broke a drinking glass. As I walked up stairs after breakfast to do my make up I stood on a bone one of the dogs had left behind. I then cried over some of the stuff on my mind last night while applying makeup, I blame this outburst of tears due to standing on a bone that really hurt my foot.

 After cleaning the mess off my face and applied my makeup again, I am finally ready to leave for work. I stand at the front door struggling to keep a set of keys in my hand.  I dropped my house keys 4 times … I’m starting to get angry and frustrated.  The front door is locked.

 I walk down my street only to be hassled like every morning by some workmen raising a house.  And then one of those barks seeds that fall off trees lands on my head. Ouch.

 At this point my fists are clamped by my sides, and are ready to punch something.

 I fumble around with my iphone to play some music to clam the beast inside me.  The first song that plays reminds me of someone from my past comes and I feel a moment of sadness….. And then….. A bird in flight nearly poops’s on me….If I hadn’t dropped my keys that fourth time…. I may have had poop on my head.

 I’ve sent a message to my friend Louise at this point telling her how shit of a day it has been so far. I will be taking her advice:

 “Big deep breath and think about something positive. Otherwise you’ll talk yourself into having a bad day. Love you”

 Wishing everyone a Happy Hump Day!!

 *Rant Over*

 Mars on Life.