How to Live Without Facebook for 100 Days? Update

Facebook logo

I have 74 more days of ‘How to live without Facebook for 100 days.’ I have so far resisted the urge to use Facebook…. Until Sunday.

I did sign in, I did go to account settings and I did request the Facebook team to Archive my photo’s. Why?…. I am thinking of closing down my Facebook account.

In less than a month I believe that I have found something more important than checking status updates, posting photo’s and other Facebook activities. I’ve found a carefree Facebook free lifestyle. I have been on the phone more speaking with friends, communicating better whether it be by text, email or face to face. Most importantly – sharing experiences.

With my Facebook freedom I have found that I enjoy conversations more with my friends as I haven’t already read about the event on Facebook. I remember a few times before the 100 days began, I would feel really excited to tell friends about my weekend activities and they would reply “oh. I saw that on your Facebook”, and feeling I couldn’t speak about the topic further. Not anymore! Now I get the chance to tell people where I have been, what I have done and who I went with. No one can ruin my moment to ramble on by already seeing my activities from Facebook check-in’s, uploaded photos and status updates of my adventures.

In some ways I do miss the way that Facebook is like a open diary of events, I always know the exact date that a photo was posted, comments and recently visited locations. With this in mind I reached for the App Evernote.

Evernote is a iPhone/iPad App that you can use like a diary of events, keep notes, ideas and post photos to from all devices through the one Evernote account. Having installed it on my iPhone, iPad and Mac Mini I can now continue to post my daily events. I also like having the chance with my new iPad to be able to keep a daily diary account of how my day was, something I haven’t done since the day I finished high school.

But it’s not always been an easy ride.

My first week without Facebook was testing, I didn’t like it at all. I removed it as my homepage on all computers, deleted apps relating to the website on all devices and then sat out the tempting moments to sneak-a-peak. Even today I was bored in the doctors waiting room, revering to the app Tap Zoo to cure boredom. I still have those moments of staring at my iPhone and wonder what will it present to me to fulfill the average moments in life.

Mars on Life.