My Nightmare: The day the Enemy Soldiers invaded Brisbane. ~ Part One

A kind word from the Author:  I decided the best way for me to get over the terrible emotional nightmare I had last night that I woke up at 4am sobbing and shaken from is to write it out in full.  It has stirred me up a lot today, but I won’t go into details.  Keep in mind that this all appeared to me in a dream very ‘realistic’, and as chapters go on it will become quite emotional.  I have mentioned all my friends’ first names that appeared, and have described as much details as I can remember, which seems to be a lot for a dream. Enjoy.

~ Part One – Pool Party Crashes ~

I opened my eyes under the water, looking around at legs kicking below the surface, I pushed my feet against the ground.

“Finally you let your hair get wet” my closest friend Sarah called out from the other side of the pool as my head appeared above the water.

It was Saturday about lunch time; most of our group of friends had arrived at a Pool Party/BBQ gathering for our friends Craig and Cassie who had recently birth to their first child.  The baby was beautiful and Cassie was doing very well since having the baby.

Sarah and I had arrived at their Eaton’s Hill property early together by bus while John, Sarah’s Brother and Robin my boyfriend were to arrive later in the afternoon to join the celebrations.  We had brought a few drinks along to enjoy and were sipping them while we relaxed in the pool with friends.  Hopping out of the pool I laid down my Batman towel to sun bake, Sarah joined me and we had a chat.  Enjoying the suns heat on my skin, with my brown cap covering my face I could hear the birds, trees swaying in the breeze, our friends splashing in the pool, music, conversation and blades of a helicopter flying by.

“Hey Sarah, did you want another drink?” I suggested as I got up to get myself another one, I saw the nod of her head indicating yes.  I went over to the esky and pulled out some more pre mixes for us both, spoke to Cassie and Paige, Craig’s Sister, and headed back to Sarah with our drinks, hearing the Black Hawk helicopter again but louder this time still in the distance.  I turned my head to the sky shutting the sun out with my hand over my eyes.  “Do you guys think the helicopter is flying a bit low?” my friends shrugged their shoulders, a few said ‘maybe’.

Watching the Black Hawk hover in the air I wondered what it was doing in the suburbs.  It appeared to be fully equipped and loaded with troops armed and at ready positions.  I turned around and went inside the house to get my iPhone out of my handbag.  I could then read the news online and see what’s going on with the military.  My iPhone showed no 3G reception, maybe it will receive a signal outside.

“Danni?” Sarah called out.  “I’m coming honey” as I walked back to our sun baking spot, I looked at the Black Hawk one more time before kneeing to the ground.

Rapidly I heard loud shots fired, I hit the ground with a thud dropping the drinks.  The shots had hit the rotors of the aircraft.  It spun out of control in the opposite direction to us heading for the main road.  A moment later when the helicopter was out of sight an enormous explosion appeared over the suburban houses a few streets away.  I grabbed Sarah by the wrist, gripping my towel and iPhone in my other hand, running inside Craig and Cassie’s home.  Everyone had the same idea.

The baby was crying, Cassie was cradling the baby to her chest trying to clam it, our friends all standing outside the kitchen area were looking shocked and shaken. No one knew what to do or what had happened. My only thoughts were ‘shit’.  We could hear sirens in the distance; help was coming for the helicopter passengers.  Craig walked over to the lounge room and turned on the television.  I turned down the music that was playing in the background before I took a seat on the couches edge next to Sarah.  I gripped her hand in mine as the news images appeared.  The Port of Brisbane and Brisbane’s Airports were in flames, buildings had fallen and airplanes had been bombed and exploded while waiting to load passengers.  The reporters were unsure of what or who had caused the destructions, saying that many attempts by the Australian Military had failed and reinforcements were coming from other states to help.  We converse amongst ourselves about what we had just heard.  The television all of a sudden turned off.  We looked at Craig who held the remote in his hand.  “What? I didn’t turn it off.”

Looking around all the appliances were turned off completely.  Paige walked over to the fridge and opened the door, the light no longer turned on.  We were in a blackout.  “I’m going to check the fuse box” Craig suggested.  I asked Josh to go with him, Craig said he would be fine by himself, Cassie and I insisted together “you don’t know what’s out there” .  They left and returned a few minutes later saying there was nothing he could do to turn the power back on.

I looked at my phone.  It was nearly one o’clock in the afternoon.  I still had no reception.  I checked my call logs and messages, I had not received anything since Robin had text me at 11:03am letting me know he would arrive at Craig and Cassie’s about 2pm.  I’ve received nothing since.  Others had noticed I was on my phone and had gone to check theirs.  “I’ve got no reception” Paige said, “Me either” said both Josh and Craig.  None of us had any reception; we were in a blackout with no connectivity to the outside world.

“Sarah, when did John say he would arrive?”,  “about 2-3pm, when he has finished his carpet cleaning jobs booked for today” she answered, “and you haven’t heard from him since he dropped you off at my place this morning?”,  “no” she said quietly.

Standing their staring at Sarah, I had a million thoughts rush through my mind.  The most important one was that we both had to get home.  I pulled Sarah closer and whispered into her ear sternly, “I feel we both have to go home….now”.  Sarah nodded.  We went outside and grabbed our gear and began to pack our handbags.  Craig pulled me into the spare bedroom and asked me what we were up to.

“I feel I have to go home, something is not right Craig.  None of us has communication to the outside world and the best place for our families to find us would be at home.  Both my parents are working today at the Royal Brisbane and Children Hospitals.  If I can get us that far then I can have one of my parents drop Sarah home to her family.  It feels like the right thing to do”, I paused for a moment. “Craig, would you be able to drop us off at the bus stop around the corner?  Bring Josh with you”.  He nodded with a smile and gave me a hug goodbye; I pulled my head into his chest and felt a rush of tears pour onto his shirt. Craig held me tighter, “everything will be alright Danni”.

I told Sarah the plan, we agreed to get a bus to Chermside Shopping Centre and catch a connecting bus to the hospital like we had done to get there that morning.  Saying our goodbyes, I told Cassie to make sure Craig looks after the baby, Paige and herself.  We walked out slowly in single file the girls between the two boys.  Craig pressed the unlock button on his car key.  Nothing happened.  Craig then walked over to the driver’s side and opened the car door manually, we all proceeded to enter once the doors released.  We began to buckle up as Craig turned the car engine on, not a sound.  He attempted again and again.  The engine would not roar to life.  Josh got out and checked the engine, “everything looks perfect, I’m not sure what is going on, it’s like the power has gone”.  Stepping out of the car I thanked Craig and Josh.  “I’ll contact you when the communications are back up and running so you know that we made it home safely”.  Sarah and I waved goodbye and walked down the driveway.

“Honey are the boys going to be alright?” Sarah asked as I walked along staring at the gravel.  “I have no idea babe, if Robin left when I thought he would have been he shouldn’t be too far from his home.  I can only hope he turned around and went back home.  I  will contact him when we both have reception again.  I can only guess where John would be”.  We continued to walk in silence, complete silence, even the roads were quiet. Not a car passed, I kept looking from my feet to the sky.  I thought another helicopter would have come along by now, we were walking closer to the crash site and the smell of burnt petrol was getting stronger, the smoke was thick and black.  I remembered hearing the emergency vehicles approaching earlier, I wondered if there were any survivors.

Approaching the corner I could see South Pine Road, and cars all stopped, doors open and the vehicles were empty.  Not a person in sight.  Realising we could be in very real danger I pushed Sarah into the closes front lawn and hid behind some hedges couching low on the ground.  “Holy crap, this is much worse than I expected”.  Sarah pushed her hand against my mouth and put her index figure to her lips to instruct me to be quiet then lowered her hand and starred through the hedge.

My eyes widened at what I saw, steel armour covering mammoth feet, continued up the thick legs to its wide waist, the armed weaponry it held was as long as I am tall, and thick like a cannon with blue light filling a clear container above the trigger, its feet landed heavy when walking.  That’s all we could see from the ground.  We looked at each other worried.  Where could we go now, we can’t go back to Craig’s the enemy solider was heading the way we came from, was it safe to proceed forward.  I looked behind me, the house’s front windows curtains were drawn close and either the residents were home scared or no one was home at all.

To be continued…..