Little Trumpet Boy

I finished my shower tonight and after drying off I began to remove my contacts lenses so that my eyes could have a rest for the night.   Of cause now I’m as blind as a bat, and like a bat my hearing senses increase.  I could hear the Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy” being played on a trumpet.  At first I assumed it was iTunes on my Mini Mac that I had left running on random selection, but it was terrible and out of tune and rhythm.

Wondering downstairs in my towel to answer mothers inquiry she had yelled up the staircase during my shower, I asked her where the trumpet noise was coming from.  She informed me the young boy in the front townhouse practices his trumpet occasionally, and must have started practice again now that school has resumed today.  Staring at her blindly, I turned to walk upstairs to my room to change into my PJ’s.

A terrible sounding Jingle Bells began…. At least he has over 300 days until Christmas to get the tunes right? Yet in saying this doubting the School kids ability to actually play a tune correctly it reminded me of the musical hopes I once had as a child.

When I was young my grandparents brought me a Casio Keyboard as I had told them I dreamed to be a famous Disney musical writer and would practice every day all the songs that I loved so much from all my favorite Disney movies.

Now I owned exactly what I wanted for Christmas along with my white Barbie Ferrari Car, all I wanted to do Christmas day was to learn to play the Keyboard.  After working out a few keys myself, and practicing the simple nursery rhymes the Casio Instruction book included I remember thinking I was well on my way to being apart of all the Disney magic.

I remember going back to school and being pretty impressed with myself about how I had mastered a lot of nursery rhymes from a How to Learn Keyboard book, but of cause I wanted to learn how to play the songs from Robin Hood, Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Oliver and Company and of cause my favorite at the time The Little Mermaid.  The school Newsletter came out first week back for the school students to bring home to their parents and knowingly there would be an advertisement for Music lessons I pointed this out to my mum.

A week later after school mum collected my brother and I to take  me straight to my new lessons. My own keyboard in hand I walked up to the door with mum feeling so excited about all the new music I would be learning.

I do not remember much about the lady who instructed me, just that she was much older than my own mum and had a funny smell.  I thought my first lesson was going really well, I was learning the names of all the keynotes, instructed how to read music off a sheet, and was even given a few learner instrumental songs to start practicing before my next lesson.

Mum came to get me and asked that I go sit in the car while she speaks to the lady.  I never returned to the ladies house for more lessons about how to use my Casio Keyboard. I still played but never quite understood what was wrong.

Years later when I was a teenager sorting through my unused possessions for a garage sale my mother decided to hold, I came across my Casio Keyboard in its original box with all the original musical notes that I had cherished so much as a child.  showing my mother what I had found I decided to asked mum what had happened that day that lead to me never going back for more lessons.

The old lady had told my mum that I showed no talent and with my especially small fingers at my age it was unlikely that I would ever be able to play a real piano properly in the future.  Yes, I agree I do have small hands. I  can still fit a ring I received from my parents as a 5-year-old on my pinkie finger.  Why did this old lady get to decide my future in the music business?

While I now listen to the boy from the Townhouse trumpet out Australia’s National Anthem pretty badly out of tune, I hope that whoever his music teacher is gives him every chance he deserves, everyone’s entitled to have a good go at anything, no matter how badly they may perform.


Mars on Life.