Facebook Relationship Status

A lot can be determined by your Facebook Relationship Status, maybe you’re single, in a relationship, engaged, married, it’s complicated (what relationship isn’t at some point?) or blank.  Whether you’re interested in men or women or if you’re dating or just looking for friends. 

I have always felt that what my relationship status says about myself makes me feel a little more defied as a person.  More comfortable with my current situation of being single or in a relationship and it eases my mind that when in a relationship with someone it is more defined.

But, is this relationship status the next wave of being dumped. Recently I read an article about how a man while his partner was at work, removed his belongings from their shared apartment and later in the afternoon while she would have been traveling home from work, he cancelled their relationship on Facebook and blocked his now ex-girlfriend from contacting him.  The woman found out about the breakup by a girlfriend calling her to ask what had happened between them.

Firstly this guy has no balls.  Secondly where did this wave of electronic breakup’s begin? With the answering machine, email, SMS and now the ‘Public Facebook Breakup’?

Even the Post It Note Breakup made famous by the Sex and the City episode ‘The Post-it Always Sticks Twice’ when Carrie wakes up to find that Berger has left her apartment during the night leaving behind this Post It Note:


 Carrie announces her breakup to the girls.

Websites have also been created to assist you with your breakup. (http://electronicbreakup.com/) They have a simple form for you to fill in the blanks and select breakup options. To quick and simple. 

Facebook allowed David McCandless and his team to scanned over 10,000 american status-updates and set out to learn more about when people broke up.  This is what they learned:

  • A big peak right before Spring Break
  • Most breakups are announced on Mondays
  • People like to start the summer being single
  • A big peak right before Christmas
  • The lowest day throughout the whole year is Christmas Day (thank God)

I have wonder what kind of people have to use these means of breaking up?  From a few reports I have received and personal experiences men tend to use SMS, Email and chat programs to finalize a relationship.  Breaking up is a difficult process.  Many people want to avoid the “conflict” or “drama” that goes with it.  Many times the person breaking up might look for the least direct way to do it (SMS, email, etc.).  Avoiding direct contact does a couple of things:

  • Teaches you to take the “easy road out”;
  • Lessens the value you place on others

The right way to break up is in person or, if necessary, on the phone.  It’s important to breakup this way because you need to allow the person you’re breaking up with to get some type of closure.  A post-it note, text message, or email doesn’t allow for closure or the ability to “vent”.  Also, breaking up this way allows the person doing the breakup to grow because of the value they place on the other person, even when saying goodbye.  Remember, how you treat another person in a break up defines the type of person you are.

With Facebook in our mists is a new Breakup era about to be created?

 Mars on Life.