~~**Merry Christmas from Mars**~~

I know, I know…. It’s been a long while since I laid in bed and focused on my blog. Life has been full of a lot of fun in recent months. With three more sleeps until it is finally Christmas day, I have found some time to send a Special Christmas message to everyone who matters in my life.

Kylie & Grant – We have had a pretty full on year with the wedding preparations, but thank you for letting me be apart of your special day. You are both the longest friends I have ever had and hopefully will always have in my life. Merry Christmas to you both and Lou, Gabby and Mia

Sarah – My god girlfriend! What a year of fun we have had together! I want to thank you for helping me in the earlier part of the year with always lending an ear through my health troubles, I really appreciate the time an effort you put into cheering me up everyday and always putting a smile on my face, even with a cheeky email. Love you babe xoxo

John – We use to be best of friends and over the years I’ve felt we have grown apart, in recent months I’ve really enjoyed the times we have been able to catch up for a drink, have a chat and solve the worlds problems together. Stay cool dude! I’m always a phone call away.

Craig H. – I forget how much fun I have when I’m around you, and even if we haven’t seen each other in years we still always pick up were we left off, we sure need to catch up more often. You’ll always be my Special Man Craig from High School 🙂

Craig & Karly – Your two of the most understanding people and loveliest couple I ever known. I want to say a real big thank you to Karly for getting me through my speech at the Wedding, without you… I wouldn’t have any Remembered lines due to passing out. Thanks for being great friends! And always hosting New Years. Merry Christmas guys! And Molly! You looked adorable on Santa’s lap!

Daniel – You would be the one friend I have that puts up with me the most, the drunken ramblings, my outrageous ideas, and always needing a lift to Chermside. Your Tops mate! Let’s hope 2011 has just as many good times ahead!

Briony – No matter how much I don’t see you, or hear from you, you are always on my mind. I’ve miss you a lot since your visit earlier this year and are so looking forward to catching up with you on Tuesday before you leave for Victoria with Ryan. I’ll love you always babe no matter how far away you are xoxo

Chantelle – Oww Chantelle, you are amazing! You make my day every morning at work and I’m so happy that I got a chance to meet someone like you! We’ve had a lot of good times and eaten a lot of subway together! Thank you for always placing my subway order, for helping me out at work, for always being open to any conversation, and thank you for being the best new friend I’ve made this year! You MUST enjoy your holiday overseas and come back to tell me all your adventure tales!

Robin – Baby! I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to know you over the last few months from climbing mountains, the day at wet ‘n’ wild, days at Southbank, Dinners out, meeting each others friends and having a fun-tactic White Christmas at Movie World. I’m really looking forward to seeing your smiling face tomorrow and getting a kiss. I can’t begin to imagine what fun the future will bring with you in it. xoxo

The Email Posse – Scott and Louise! The amount of conversations we have is amazing! Outrageous at times! I’ve never known three people to be able to connect every day if only for a moment to say good morning. I love seeing my iPhone alert go off because I know there will always be someone to talk to at any time. With how wise both of you are it maybe enough to just get me through anything life wishes to challenge me with! Thanks for being the best email posse in all of history! Xoxo

Errol – how could I forget YOU! We’ve had a lot of cuddles, you spent a lot of time with Charlie on the cruise boat without starting a fight (I know, I know! You don’t like him) we had a great train ride in Cairns with the family, you drove a bus! Drank a lot of cocktails on the ship and were always there at 2am when I needed a sleeping buddy on all those drunken nights. You’re a awesome hairy little guy! But your one hell of a fun-loving Bear! I’ll always be your Princess Muffin.

I wish everyone who reads this a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Mars on Life.