Theft of a Soul

I think about him every night,
As I lay spread across my bed.
My eyes are shut like coffins,
Within my sleepless head.
He talks to me behind the shadows,
Stealing through the night.

I did not know he was there,
’till the day he whispered ‘Yes’.
Was he speaking to me?
I smell the hair on his head.
Is he calling me near?
I scream in fright within my head,
Nothings ever heard.

He has told me what he is to do.
Is my end so near?
I can not sleep, I dream of him,
A man without a face.
I can not tell anyone, no one!
They will picture, I am insane.

He is pulling down my sheets,
One by one.
If I was able to, I would run!
Through the woodlands and the plain’s,
To get away from him.
He’s all I ever think of,
But in the end he’ll win…

Written By Mars (1999)