Campaign for Love


This morning I am sitting at my mothers computer downstairs eating Toast with avocado spread on it.  Delicious.

After checking out my Facebook account, looking for a bus schedule and making a few witty remarks on my gamer site, I decided to close down a few of the Internet Explorer windows that my mother had previously open.

Her Facebook, Plenty of fish, RSVP and email account are all open.  I closed her two dating site windows, and after a quick scroll down her Facebook Wall I clicked out of that too.  Staring at the opened section of my mothers email account reading the titles of emails it seemed a lot of heartache has been going on in her inbox.

I close the window.

Now I sit here and wonder, how can a beautiful person like my mother be so heartbroken, lonely and unloved by a special someone.  I know how she’s feeling from previous experiences only 2 or so years ago, when Chris and I broke up it was extremely gut wrenching, even for a girl of only 23 years old.  I continue to ponder the thought that if my mother who has only turned 50 a month ago… if she can not find peace and happiness with someone special… he doesn’t have to be Mr Right, as no one is perfect.  Just someone special enough to make her happy, want to be with her, and want to share a real future with her.  Who can.

I may never tell my own mother how proud of her that I am.  She has a successful nursing career, raised two wonderful (and beautiful) children in her own home after becoming divorced, she can afford to be a single woman having anything she wants and still be paying off her own home loan without any assistance from anyone.  She’s also a very cool, charismatic, beautiful, smart person, and I would say I have developed a lot of traits from my own mother, and expanded on them in my own way.  She’s taught me hell of a lot of lessons, and also been there for me at any point of my life that I have needed her the most.

Together we have had a lot of ups and downs, and at the end of the fight, I always know deep down in side that family comes first, and my mother will always be around for me while she is here on this earth.

Once she has started to move on from her current heartbreak, I hope she can find a someone special.  I would love to see my mother happy again with someone like she was many years ago.  Nothing beats a Smile full of Love.

My Mother and I

Mars on Life.