A Blast from the Past Blog ~ If only everything was easy as Bells ~ December 2008

Animal Crossing series logo

This morning I was getting a lift to work, and we were talking about my addition to the new Animal Crossing on Wii while being stuck in traffic. The subject that I will be unemployed after Christmas came up, due to my contract finishing on 31 December 08. The first thing that came to mind was “I’ll just play animal crossing while I wait for a new job to pop up”.

As my mind always wonders, I then went on to talk about how cool life would be if I could really just collect things off the ground, at the beach shore, dig up fossils (which I would love most, I love dinosaurs), and sell my old dresses, hats, sunnies and furniture at Nooks. Even just picking up apples, cherries and pears off the ground, fishing, smashing rocks and shaking trees for bells (not bees) all day would be a pretty easy lifestyle.

How did this world get to be so money driven, so work related, and neighbours just can not walk into each others house with just a quick knock?

Maybe one of the things that makes Animal Crossing and games alike so popular is that they have such a different lifestyle to what people have in today’s world, and people secretly (not even knowingly) wanting a more relaxed environment.

I never go fishing anymore. The last time I caught a bug was in primary school. I can not remember the last time I went to a museum. I have never been fruit picking or planted a fruit tree. Actually, I can not even remember the last time I climbed a tree.

Since moving out of home I have never been one to talk to neighbours, whether seeing them in the street or at the shopping centre. I have not even been to Brisbane’s Town Hall, the Post Office or Bank in a long time. In fact the closest thing to Nooks in Brisbane is Cash Converters, and I have never in my life stepped a foot in one.

I have though been to an Aquarium this year, when I faced my fear of sharks and water in a Shark Dive. I went to an Art Gallery twice this year to see Andy Warhol and Picasso displays. I’ve enjoyed the Southbank markets on a few occasions, and I’ve even been to the beach at Bribie Island on the odd Sunday. I’ve seen a few Musicals this year, Phantom of the Opera and Wicked, even saw a few bands. And I have been shopping A LOT.

The fact that Bells are easier to come across than money is one of the better things about an Animal Crossing lifestyle.

Mars on Life.

P.s. I got offered a new job today, I start on 5 January 09. I’ll be taking 11 days Holidays between Christmas and my start date, and I will be playing Animal Crossing every day! I might actually go real fishing!