Non-Environmental Car Issues

Today I rang Contents Insurance Company I belong to, to cancel my policy for the Unit that I will move out of tomorrow.  We went though all the mumbo jumbo about canceling and redirection of mail and how much will be left to pay next month issues, and after all is said and done, I start to believe I can get off the phone soon the lady asks if I have a car that I would like to insure for less.

‘I don’t own a car’ is my straight out honest response to her.

‘Oh, why do you not own a car? how do you get around?’ is the reply I get, and before  I can answer the Insurance Ladies questions she continues with, ‘Is it because of environmental issues? They have electric cars these days you know.’ in a criticizing tone of voice.

I finally begin to answer her line of questioning with, ‘ I do not own a car because I choose not to, I get around with public transport and walking, and no I am not some crazy hippy with an Environmental Car Issue, I choose to not have a car as it’s just another expense on top of everything else, I would much prefer to be saving that money instead of wasting it on petrol and car repayments.’

‘Will you ever get a car?’ is her next question.  I start to roll my eyes and huff. I begin to inform her of what I tell every person, ‘The day I am married, and find out I am having a baby is the day I will bother to go out and buy a brand new car, I will actually have a need for one to take the child places at ease.’

Normally this response ends any further lines of questioning about not owning my own car.  But, this Insurance Lady was not done with me.

‘What kind of car would you be interested in buying?’

Are you kidding me? Really? I should just hang up.

‘I would buy like a family car, I guess.  As I would have a family?’,  I question back, ‘I really have to go as I am at work calling in work time.  Thank you for your help today canceling my policy’

‘Your welcome, and if you ever buy a car or move back out of home you can always contact us for more insurance options, it was a pleasure dealing with you.’

I hang up.  Pulling all my thoughts together about this conversation, why did this phone call of all the phone calls I have made to cancel contracts or change details have to be so personally involved.  The Home Phone, Internet, Bank, Gym, Real Estate and so forth all took just a minute to change without any effort on my behalf.

She could have been feeling lonely, and I just happened to call at the wrong time during her loneliness. Or she is required to keep phone calls going for a certain about of time to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  Yet, either way, I did not like feeling criticized for not owning a car that will only drop in value every year until its only worth throwing on a scrap heap or dumping in a river.


Mars on Life.