10 Free Passes

Tonight on the way to the local sex store sale with my girlfriend we started discussing which movies stars we found attractive, to the point that we may have them as our free passes in the relationship.

What is a free pass you maybe asking. If you are dating or in a relationship with somebody, you are entitled to ONE free pass. You have to pick somebody who is famous… and once they have become your chosen pass, if you ever meet them whilst in your relationship you are allowed to do what ever you want! (If u can).  It’s a bit of fun and also a fantasy and both parties realise that their partner is never going to meet that person anyway, so it stays fun and not something to be jealous about.

Discussion of our Top Five came about.  I realised I need two lists.  One for the Older men and another for Younger male actors, here goes:-

The Older Actors

  1. Hugh Jackman (He can tear me to bits any day of the week);
  2. Chris Noth (Hey Kiddo *winks*);
  3. Mark Wahlberg;
  4. Kiefer Sutherland (This is where I added the comment ‘I just want to hear him say “Keep still BITCH!”‘); and
  5. Bruce Willis (The only Sexy Bald Guy)

The Younger Actors

  1. Chris Pine (from the New Star Trek);
  2. Michael Cera (The average actor);
  3. Shia LaBeouf (Not sure why, could be the hair or the fact he hangs with Transformers);
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal; and
  5. Matthew Fox (He made Lost for me, so much passion in his acting)

That’s it. My heads up to any future partners that I have 10 Free passes.  Just Kidding 😉

Mars on Life.