Sercurity Check

Last week I was happy that the Police in Brisbane don’t do bag checks regularly.  Not that I would ever look suspect enough to be randomly picked and checked but I would have had a lot of explaining to do.

I had a few unusual additional items in my handbag that I was returning to friends after work or thrown in my handbag after lunch:-

  1. A pair of pliers;
  2. Errol’s yellow shirt;
  3. A Steak knife in a Leather case;
  4. Butter packets.

So two of these items I am pretty sure the authorities would be very suspicious of a girl carrying around.  Was I going to stab someone…. or try to do a break n’ enter.  I did though have very ‘good’ reasons to be carrying around such things.

  1. A pair of pliers – These were borrowed from Daniel so I could remove my Hair Extension before heading back to work on Tuesday after my Holiday.  I also found them useful in fixing one of my rings I had bent part of while I was waiting at the bus stop.  I am a bit of a handy man without actually owning my own tools.
  2. Errol’s Yellow Shirt – After having the famous Errol travel along with my family and myself for the week it was time to return him… but I forgot his suitcase…. well Errol’s First Original shirt.
  3. A Steak Knife in a Leather case – It was in my handbag after eating an apple.  I had forgotten to remove it and place it back into my backpack.  This Steak Knife did come in very handy Friday night at the movies when Mum was attempting to open the peanut brittle packet.  To her surprise she was shocked I was carrying around a steak knife in my hand bag.
  4. Butter Packets – I got them at Gloria Jeans the other day and forgot to remove them fundamentally enough my bag got a bit slippery and sticky, yet smells yummo.

This week I am back to my normal handbag of iPhone, Keys, Wallet, Headphones, Go Card, Hair Brush, Medications and some other crazy items.

Mars on Life.