Worst Date Ever.

The weddings over, and I have had a little bit of free time to go out and meet people again, jump back into the dating scene that I have not really touched since about June this year. I had spoken to this guy only briefly online Sunday night. He was very pushy about getting my number, very pushy about meeting me and even in person was pushy, like he had somewhere better to be.

I went and met this actor/tradesman/the worst date I’ve EVER been on guy.

I went and had coffee with him. He already had a Red Bull drink with him on arrival and wearing a shirt with a half-naked lady on the front. The waiter started to take our order, I went first ordering my typical skinny mocha. He didn’t order anything, first thoughts are ‘this guys cheap or broke’ from previous experience. Why invite me to coffee if you have no intention of drinking any?

So we talk. For some reason he proceeded to mock me and talk through my online dating profile that he whipped up on his iPhone and discussed my ‘list of demands’ as he worded it. So now I’m demanding. Sorry for not wanting to be with a human like yourself. I’m a detailed person and I want my profile to reflex this about me and my needs so that someone knows what could be expected in a way. All the while I couldn’t believe a guy could be so stupid to wear a shirt like that, in front of me. As if that’s going to give me a good first impression of you.

I finish my mocha and he asks if we can leave so he can have a smoke. First thoughts were ‘I didn’t know you smoked and 2nd that’s why I could smell smoke and why you’re chewing gum excessively, grossing me out with the chewing noise while you speak to me’. I have listed in my profile that I want a non-smoker, and he didn’t have any smoking habits listed on his profile when I went back to double-check it after the date. I should have gotten up then and there using the classic ‘Barney Stinson Lemon Law for Dating’ from How I Met Your Mother regarding his smoking habits.

We go and pay for my drink and sit outside and discussed movies and actors. After talking for about 30 minutes about movies and pretty much not agreeing on any movies or actors I started to feel a bit…. Sick of the crap. If I wanted to be told I’m wrong all the time I would have stayed with my ex-ex boyfriend Chris who had to win every discussion, even if I was right and Wikipedia proved it.

AND Then he proceeds to tell me I’m going about meeting men the wrong way. After that date I agree, I won’t meet tosser’s off the Internet again. I have enough confidence to approach guys in clubs, at pubs, even at the beach, but have had no interest in continuing to see these guys again, simply because they all had deal-breakers. Like smoking, gambling, drugs, cheaters etc. Crap I really do not need in my future life. In February when I became single I told myself I wanted to stay single until after Kyla’s wedding. I think I’m doing everything the right way by not rushing myself into something I will be completely unhappy with.

This guy also tells me that he cheated on his last girlfriend he had been with for only 6 months. Sorry but there are no excuses. Your nearly 30 – Grow up, if you’re not happy – end it, don’t cheat. Go sleep with girls all you want after you break-up if you choose too – just not me.

He also proceeded to pull his phone out and text his “friend”.

After the date ended finally I went to the Mana Bar to have a drink, spoke with Louise on the phone and then went out to dinner for a lovely meal with great company. After arriving home I checked this guys profile for the not listed smoking habits and deleted him.

I get a message the next morning, and this is how the conversation goes:-

Talk about up yourself and a complete asshole. After emailing with Scott and Louise about this ‘Worst Date Ever’ I will be taking up one of Scott’s dating rules “No Actors”. It’s officially a deal-breaker, so is being a Russell Crowe Fan. (Scott – I’m still deciding about that under 25 one, I am only 26).

I am bewildered about his comment, “no wonder all your men cheat on you?”. I had already assumed that this guy wasn’t a good listener or unable to retain information provided by me, but the only boyfriend who has ever cheated on me was the Army guy I have written about earlier on my blog. Also it was an hour and a half of my time wasted. That’s how bad this guys memory is.

Now I now look to the sky and throw my diamonds higher and wait and see what lands in front of me.

Mars on Life.

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  1. I like spaghetti, and peanuts.

    Dude, you will find the right guy, but I am very proud of you for not going for ‘the next guy’

    love you


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