Brisbane’s Last Single Girl

That’s it! My Best  Girlfriend married another one of my Best Guy friends on Friday! I am officially the last Single Girl in Brisbane! (well… maybe in my main group of Friends that I hang out with).

And with all the excitement and how super busy I have been since Ekka, my Birthday, Kyla’s wedding planning, week leading into the wedding and the actual Wedding day, I do not see my Facebook Relationship Status changing anytime soon, and without a worry in the world if it ever does, life is way to short to worry about such things.

Tomorrow I am back at work for the next 5 days, ‘and then’ this coming Saturday I hop on the P&O Dawn Cruise Ship to Cairns for 7 days. How Exciting!

I will be packing my Last Night in Paris Dress, kicking my heels off by the pool, looking adorable in my new pink bikini and as always drinking a Cosmopolitan at all times aboard!

The One Night in Paris Dress

Discussing packing…. I have a big problem. I can not decided what not to pack.  I am seriously considering putting every item of clothing I have hanging up into a large suitcase and hiring a weight lifter to put it on board the ship.

Also my dear little friend Errol will be coming along for some very awesome photo opportunities for his Facebook page.  The Yellow Shirt Bear is coming with myself and Charlie the Dalmatian for some good old fashion Holiday Fun.  Maybe we can even get some more fans from it.  NB: Business Cards would help.

As my long weekend comes to and end and I write this with dreary eyes, I still can not believe that the Cruise is only 6 heavenly days away, and Christmas is right around he corner with 97 days to go.

Mars on Life.