Spring Bees & Honey Buns

What is it about the season Spring that makes me feel so alive again? Every September 1st the weather instantly changes, my heart skips a beat, and I dream of Bunnies and puppies circling my feet.

I wake up at 5:20 am to find the sun making its first daily appearance on Brisbane. Although only weeks ago I was tripping over in the dark to find the light switch.

I even find that people who were hiding under their letter boxes suddenly appear and start to live their lives again. Once it was too cold to think of heading out on a Friday night for drinks and now, I am rejecting offers because I’m already booked up! But! Only booked up because of wedding activities and Hens Night celebrations, an my upcoming cruise.

Already this spring I’ve done part of my spring clean. Clearing boxes of no longer required items for a garage sale my mother will have in October. It feels great to have much less clutter.

The nights are warming up also. I no longer require a hot water bottle to sleep, although I miss the warm feeling on my feet that winter weather brings.

I feel like laughing all the time. Being outside in the sun. And wearing cute dresses to make it feel more like Spring. The new spring fashions are overwhelming, I’m not sure where to start! Except for the cute pink skirt I purchases on the weekend 🙂

In just over a week I am praying for weather as nice as today for my family holiday cruise. Sailing port to port, sun baking and drinking Martinis by the pool. Dressing up for dinner every night and dancing, dance the night away….

I’ve begun to get my bounce back with a 45 minute run at gym last night, my knee hates me for pushing it to far but a repeat performance will happen tonight. It’s amazing how great one can feel after a super work out. I sure destroyed those pancakes and potato gems!

Kyla and Grants wedding is happening this Friday afternoon. I’m really looking forward at staying with the proud couple from Wednesday night, getting spray tans and my hair and make up done and all the photos to be shot!

Oops! I haven’t written my wedding speech yet! Aaaarrrhhhhhh! *pulls hair out!*

Mars on Life.