Who’s got milk?

It’s morning tea time and as always I make my way out if the Department to go spend some time eating my banana and yogurt in the mega staff tea room down stairs.

As always I like to pour a foam cup of skim milk and mix in the yucky international coffee satchel the hospital provides to make myself a free iced coffee.

Each day I grab a plastic carton of milk and have a 50/50 chance of the lid being correctly screwed on. Some days their will not even be a lid to take off, other days it’s loosely applied with one turn and in the shocking event the lid is correctly applied I am amazed…. No astounded!

Today was a loose lid day, one turn and also the lid being on a diagonal angle. I tend to wonder if the staff at the hospital with access to this milk are either lazy, have a hand issue, or they don’t care about other people’s health.

Milk has a lid for good reasons. The lid keeps milk fresher for longer, when the lid is applied correctly bacteria does not build up that will make a person ill. Milk being a dairy product also causes it to absorb the smells of other products in the same fridge.

The hospital has a huge turn over of milk supplies with daily delivery and replacement. Their really is no worry that I may become ill from another person being incapable of replacing a lid correctly.

This is a personal irritation I have had my whole life starting from when my brother was born. From milk, water bottles, and juice containers his capability for a fit young male is far from perfect. The amount of times as a teenager that I would shake the juice bottle without checking the lid placement and finding juice all over the bench, myself and the floor would drive me bonkers.

Mars on Life.