It’s the Final Countdown!

After spending much of the last three months counting down to the Ekka coming to town and my 26th Birthday it’s hard to believe that September is here and it’s countdown time all over again.

Here we go!:-

3 Days until the awesome event of Kyla’s Hens Night where we will all be going to Arias for dinner and then for yummy cocktails afterwards.

9 Days until the Big Event of Kyla and Grants wedding. I am the Maid of Honor and are so looking forward to the event!

11 Days until all my fave shows begin to air in the USA. Very much looking forward to The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. With the days of Lost behind us I no longer have many Sci Fi or drama shows to follow.

17 Days until I am abroad the P&O Dawn and sailing to Cairns and back on the 7 day cruise my mother has planned for her 50th birthday celebrations. (Sure gives me something to top in the far distant future)

108 Days until Christmas, and that means spending time with family and friends, shopping for gifts and Receiving Presents! Oh Christmas couldn’t come soon enough.

With already being a week into the busiest month of my entire life, I have to say… It’s sure hard keeping all this excitement inside me, I’m a bubble ready to burst!

Mars on Life.

P.s.  I now have The Final Countdown stuck in my head

One thought on “It’s the Final Countdown!

  1. Don’t forget:

    352 days until next birthday
    1448 days until 30th birthday
    5101 days until 40th birthday


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