Glowing illness

Tonight I am laying in bed looking up at my ceiling in the dark wishing I had those glow in the dark planets and stars glowing above my bed so I would not feel so lonely tonight while I am sick.

I know it seems strange but while I turn to lay on my side to try to get some shut-eye all I can imaging is having someone cuddling me from behind me and telling I will be fit and healthy soon enough and they still want to hug and kiss me no matter how many germs I am carrying. Something romantic.

I have not really been my happy-go-lucky self this week at all due to being so sick. Going to work ill this week was my first big mistake, as everyday I have come home and crashed for the night with really only a meal interruption and quick Internet chit-chat with friends.

Hopefully with the days off my doctor has given me and the almighty drugs I will be back up and running in no time at all and able to hit the gym again that I have been missing so much. Also lots of rest and fluids as Louise always says. *Mwah* (also thanks for the Batman Pug clip off YouTube, it’s really made my week full of giggles, I’ll never stop loving Batman)

Mars on Life.