What did we do before the Internet?

This afternoon I arrived home as normal and jumped onto my Netbook to have a quick read of the news, check Facebook, Oasis Active and sign into MSN Messenger.  After a while my internet connection started to fail until their was no connection at all.  After a few attempts of switching the modem off for ten seconds then on again, the connection was still not connecting. 

I stood there in the kitchen thinking, what should I do?  Directly in front of where I was standing is my pantry.  I looked at it thinking ‘ugh’ knowing  I really should go through the pantry and check for out of date food.  So I did.  I threw out some easter eggs, put sugar into a Tupperware container, and discovered a few nastier items along the way an arranged the food so it was a bit more tidy and structured. 

Once the pantry was all completed I checked the internet connection again.  Still not working… Hmmm What should I do next.?  I emptied my piggy bank and started counting the 50, 20, 10 and 5c coins.  $32.15 in total, cool.

Tried the connection again and finally all the required lights were flashing at me. Yeah! The internet is back!

Now I am sitting on my bed typing this blog wondering what I would be doing if the internet did not exist in my lifetime?  Would I maybe have a family that I would be cooking dinner for, maybe own a home and have a dog that requires walking. Or maybe, I would be still sitting at home on a computer playing solitaire.

Mars on Life.