Drama Drama Drama

Over the last 2 months there seems to be a lot of drama going on in my life from other people’s personal issues.  I have always been happy to lend a helping hand and listen to others issues and give advice.  Yet, when I begin to be accused of lying, being a gossip and not being a good friend, being screamed at and attacked, I start to wonder why am I being involved at all.

After discussing the drama that has been troubling me this week with a girlfriend at work (for an outsiders perspective) its come to my attention that I am a victim in all this drama.  I’ve had two yelling matches with one girlfriend recently, which I have never received an apology for all the accusations thrown at me eg: being a gossip and liar.

I am also annoyed about the lack of respect for my property and home.  Not only was my iPhone used to call several people to ‘double-check’ all these apparent gossiping and lies I have told, my iPhone was also shoved into my face while in the shower nearly water damaging it.  As much as I would love a new iPhone 4G, I would also like Optus to actually have stock again before I upgrade.  My iPhone is my biggest communication device, if you have no respect for it, then you have no respect for me.  I’m also annoyed about my friend laying in my own bed with a wet towel wrapped around her under my sheets. I also found dirt on my sheets when washing them that night.

Onto my property: while my friend was using my phone to double-check my story, she proceeded to go in and out of the unit dragging mud (from the recent downpour of rain), leaves, and dirt into my property, leaving stains on the carpet which I have had to clean today.  Not only that she continued to raise her voice aggressively at me and in the Unit.  I live with a flatmate who has said to me ‘he was a bit concerned about leaving his bedroom due to the chaos he was hearing outside his bedroom door’.  No one in my home should ever feel that way.  I live in a great safe neighbourhood. I keep a tidy home and I have a lot of respect for my flatmate due to how great he is with keeping the unit clean and paying rent on time every week.

I’ve come to the decision that I will not be involved anymore in their issues, I am taking a step back, I am happy to be polite and continue to be friends, but will not tolerate any of the above actions again especially in my own home, and the use of my iPhone will no further be allowed.

I know posting this on my blog is not going to impress anyone.  This is my blog and I needed to write out just how I feel about the situation so I can be crystal clear about why I am so upset.

Mars on Life.