Money Matters

The last fortnight I’ve been living off $100 of what I call ‘fun money’.  My Work did not pay me correctly, if at all, until after lodging a complaint about my pay.  I’ve felt rather stressed the last two weeks which has led to me smoking more often to release a bit of the anger I have had inside about the issue.

Once I was finally given wages (still $500 short), I paid my Rent and Bills and family and friends who lent me money and had about $110 left for the next week or so until the next pay period.  During this time I purchased a pack of cigarets and have realised that I just do not want to be that person again.  I can not bring myself to be a full-time smoker. The smoking helped ease a lot of tension that I had building up inside but would never be as good as a good chat with a friend or a cuddle.

Hopefully this Wednesday will not be a repeat performance in regards to my pay, and I can go back to having a stress free life.

Mars on Life.