A Day at the Ekka

Ekka has finally begun again in Brisbane, and yesterday was the first day I had a chance to attend.  Meeting Sarah around 1:30pm we walked around looking at the rides, met new people and eating Mushrooms with Baked Potato with sour cream and herbs. Yummo! 

We also got to go see all the cute dogs and puppies on display, patting many breeds and talk to their owners.

As always every year we went and got our faces painted and I became a beautiful Princess and Sarah got a Flower Design on her face.

Sarah brought a bottle of Rosalie wine for dinner to go with our I Love Mushrooms Dinner and had a great time watching the croweds move through the Woolworth’s pavilion while chatting.

Then it was finally time to go and have a few drinks before heading home for the night. Brisbane is such a small world with myself seeing my old boss from Outpatients at the Kids Hospital and Sarah seeing some guy who she dated a few times. 

I also got into a bit of a ruffle with some 48-year-old ladies who kept touching our drinks.  We court up with a good friend and made some new ones during the night.  Talking to a farmer from Longreach, a guy who works at the Trot’s and the security guard who seemed pretty cool.

As always there was a crazy stalker who kept staring at Sarah and myself who was finally kicked out of the Stockman Bar before we left.  Which was good as I was becoming worried we would have to speak to security before we left incase he tried to follow us home.

I love walking through the Ekka Grounds at night when all the crowds have gone home.  It’s amazing how much bigger the Ekka looks at night.  I even climbed a fence to exit the grounds. 

I had a fantastic time at the Ekka! Looking forward to Tuesday Night and Wednesday!

Mars on Life.