My Birthday List

Its my Birthday again in about 16 days time.  As always I have been thinking what would I like for my birthday.

This year I’m a little bit in and outside the box.  Here Goes:-

Pandora charms, Silver and gold hoop earings, Peter Alexander PJ’s, Picture of New York buildings with the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge, French Pictures, Up on Dvd, Season 3,4,5,6 of Lost, Westfield Gift Vouchers, iPhone 4G, a leather carry round iPad case, thirsty Merc’s new CD, an silver anklet and a Mac Book.

Yep heap of the above is so unrealistic I know I am kidding myself, but it’s always worth a try.  Mainly the little things like adding a new charm to remind me of you, or even a card will always make my day, as I know you are thinking of me.

I am really looking forward to spending the Saturday night with friends at my Birthday Dinner.  I love seeing everyone come together having a great night full of fun an excitement.

Mars on Life.