Let’s see how far I go

After this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I need to leave Brisbane.

After many years of holding off, being to scared to move to another state by myself, meeting boys that made me want to stay, now could be the time. I have nothing but family and friends tying me down to Brisbane. The search for a partner has been a massive waste of time, with disappointment after disappointment.

Yesterday I came to this conclusion while laying on the couch all day thinking about how wasteful I was being with my time on others. Not my close friends or family, but people I don’t know all that well from these crummy Internet dating sites.

Even last night after making the decision to move once I find a job at my final destination, I was chatting online to this guy who turned out to have a girlfriend and I actually knew this girl through work. Right away I ended the conversation thinking to myself ‘even a guy who sends flowers to this girl at her workplace is a complete tosser.’

Last night I started working on my resume, and searched for jobs in the health system of both QLD and Victoria.

Hopefully early next year I may be moving to either Melbourne or Cairns. Sounds like a sweet adventure to me.

Mars in Life.

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  1. You might like to watch a movie “All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane” – Highly recommended.


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