The Wheels on the Bus Go round ‘n’ round

This morning I hoped on my normal bus to find that my seat has been taken by an elderly Asian lady. I also spotted that creepy guy with the beanie and scary beard, yuck.

I sat in the row of seats before my normal seat. Where I am sitting now means I get all the cold air coming through the back bus door, it’s a very cold morning *shivers*. That’s not the only difference this morning. I’ve now taken the spot of an older lady who always sits in front of me. Who has moved to the spot where these two older men sit and gossip like school girls. Which means they have taken seats at the front of the bus.

Only two other people seem to have taken their normal seats today. The comic book looking guy and the body builder, which is at the back of the bus.

No one seems upset by the change of seating arrangements this morning. Yet this change of seating feels like it’s an insight into what today may offer.

Mars on Life.