Spitting around Brisbane

Its winter here in Brisbane and I have noticed an increased amount of spitting from men.  I like to think that not all these Bogan men of Brisbane have a cold or flu.  It’s utterly disgusting that Bogan men are spitting in public on the ground of the Bus station, even on the bus, spitting into bushes and walkways outside the hospital that I work at, and pretty much anywhere available, I myself last week was nearly spat on.

Do these men not have manners?  How did their mothers raise them? From the look of about 90% of the spitters I have encountered you are required to wear a hoodie when spitting, and they seem to wear jeans and thongs which I’m not a fan of either.

When I was nearly spat on last week by one of these spitters apparently its rude to tell them to be careful where they choose to spit as they nearly got my shoes, his response was to call me a ‘stupid bitch’.  I’ve never clenched my fist’s so hard before.  I was infuriated.

They say Be As “whatever”  As You Wanna Be, but do these people really want to be disgusting spitting slops?  Is there a way to make these disgusting grubs pay for all their spitting?  Even myself with a terrible cold this week would never resort to spitting in public to clear my throat.

Use a Tissue!!

Mars on Life.