The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I decided tonight would be Disney Movie night since I am still feeling sick from my head cold and did not really get to watch many Disney Movies while sick this weekend.  My most beloved Sick Day Disney Movie is The Lion King. Timon and Pumba being the best characters of the entire movie. of cause.

For some reason tonight this movie seems so old.  The Lion King was released in cinemas world-wide in 1994, making it now in 2010 16 years old.  Which I guess to me is pretty old since even myself will be turning 26 next month, making me 10 years old when The Lion King was released.

When I was 10 years old, and in Mr Stokes Year 5 class at primary school, I remember seeing this movie on opening night, again that weekend, and again nearly every weekend after that until it finally closed at christmas time.  The following year it was the only present I wanted for my Birthday.  I watched the VHS tape so many times that I was given a second copy years later due to the tape being so damaged and how upset I was about it.

Tonight what seems to make this movie seem so old is the lack of graphics, digital sound and not being scaled big enough to fit the full screen.  One  example is when Mufusa comes to ask Scar why he didn’t attend the opening ceremony, the whole scene lacks. Voice dialog doesn’t match the mouth movements, the visual background and characters do not seem correct, they do not seem to have enough colour or detail that most of the “musical scenes” desire.

I have again enjoyed for what may be my millionth time viewing The Lion King, with its fantastic story , the quality of songs and music created by Tim Rice and Elton John, character development, and lots of laughs all the way to the end.  Great night had by One.

Mars on Life.