Juciy Hot Pies

As a lot of people know I find it hard to walk past a good-looking hot pie, kinda like some of my girlfriends have trouble walking past super hot guys.

Today I went to work via the cafeteria to grab some orange juice to help my cold and stood in front of the heating machine that keeps the pies warm….. Mmmmm Piiiieeee. *drools*

I can look, not touch.  I am on a pie ban.   Every winter I tend to have an increased amount of pie’s entering my mouth.   They make me feel warm and fuzzy, they fill my tummy with warmth, and the idea of eating something warm instead of my boring shake is… so tempting.

This year I placed the pie ban on myself late June after realizing I had 4 pies in one week for lunch due to the change in weather to Winter.  I am amazed I didn’t look like a pie myself.

Even my mail box is against me, having had a Big Dads Pie voucher appear with discounted pies.  Mum brought me a Pie on Saturday (which I ate) because pie cheers me up when I’m sick.  And I gave in last week when I was having a very bad day.

Moral of the Story – Mars really needs to control her Pie addiction!

Mars on Life.