Why would I want a Cold on the Weekend?

Last night I went for dinner at Fasta Pasta and the movies with Daniel my friend, we went and saw Predators.   Really good movie if you do not go in with the high expectations that Daniel did.   Great acting from Adrien Brody, I’ve never seen him so ripped.

We went to the Short Black Cafe before the movie to kill some time, I felt like a coffee as I was feeling really cold and hoped a coffee would warm my soul.   During the movie I had my hoodie completely covering my head, hands in my pockets, legs tucked underneath me to try to keep myself warm.  I could not believe how cold I was feeling, my throat was starting to itch.  I am getting sick.

These are the tell tale signs of Mars Illness, body temperature dropping dramatically, cold shivers, loss of appetite, tummy aches and the nasty dry cough that has started up this morning.  Needless to say I had a terrible nights sleep when even my water bottle can not even keep me warm.

This morning I was very happy to hear from my mummy, she did the whole Nurse routine and drove to the drug store and then to my place to get all sorts of fun cold and flu medications and cough lollie’s to help ease my pain.   You never need your mummy more than when your sick, even when she will not cuddle you due to your yucky germs.

This afternoon after being a little bit silly and going to Chermside to see my girlfriends this morning I have slept for about 3 hours. I still have a temperature and cough, with a little bit of a runny nose but nowhere near as bad as this morning. Hopefully the medications continue to work and I will be up and running in no time at all.

Mars on Life.