The Trouble with iPhones

Don’t get me wrong, I am dearly in love with my iPhone 3G, but the last few weeks since being silly/geeky enough to download the new OS 4 before its official release has made my iPhone a big chunk of crap.

Big time.

This last week I have had no luck receiving calls.  My phone will not let me answer any calls, it has just been stalling.   It looks at me with its “someone is calling you” screen and playing my Pokemon ringtone until the caller gives up.   Calling back can be a serious task too with my the iPhone always calling my ‘Message Bank’ even though I have selected the Missed Callers name.

I’ve also had problems with texting the last 2 days.   Talk about annoying, most of the time after touching the “messaging” button it does nothing.  At all.  Even when receiving text’s I can only read them on my front screen upon arrival.   So if you have sent me a long message I most probably haven’t read the whole thing.

So tonight I decided to do a complete reboot of my iPhone. Seems to be working again… So far.

And!  Talk about the amount of rude messages I have read in my SMS inbox.   Sorry everyone, I know I’m overly reliable, but shit!  I really could not help it on this occasion.

Mars on Life.

2 thoughts on “The Trouble with iPhones

  1. All iPhones seem to be a nightmare and a half; both of my parents bought themselves iPhones because its such a hip thing to do. But the fact is; it gets scratched up, it drops calls, won’t let anyone make any and even the texting is an issue. I’m sticking with my cheapie hand-me-down..

  2. I dropped my iPhone in a bowl of dog water and it’s still going perfect. I reckon you birds are complaining for something to do. Actually I don’t mind saying it’s the best phone ever 🙂

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