What you Talkin’ a’bout?

Since I am Miss Singlette Mars and I am currently exploring the galaxy of the dating scene, I wish to share a thought about men.

After talking to a few men in the last few weeks, going on dates, meeting men out and about, it has come to my attention that all these men have one thing in common. They all believe that ‘Communication’ is the key to a lasting relationship. Is communication really the key to a lasting relationship?, and how have all these men work this out? Who told them? Its kind of like finding out all about ‘The Secret’.

Men have explain to me that their last relationship ended due to lack of communication, whether it be day-to-day communication, not enough communication or misunderstandings of what was expected of them in a relationship.

What it really comes down to is ‘do men really listen?’. I have had one reasonably good communicating relationship until he stopped listening. Do men only listen to you to begin with when they’re ‘interested, pursuing a girl, trying to get there end away?’, then after a year or so of being with a girlfriend they just stop listening, communicating and shut down.

How have men come to the conclusion that communication was the one lesson they have learnt after breaking up? Did their ex partner tell them so? Will this lesson learned be displayed in your next relationship, will they be more open and honest, and communicate more with any future partners? Can these men practice what they preach?

Men seem to think I will be impressed by the fact that they can tell me that communication is important in a relationship. Sure, I know, smiling and nodding, I could have told you that a million years ago, rolling eyes. I communicate honestly, and straight forward about issues in any relationship, I dislike beating around the bush about anything that is bothering me.

Honestly, I do not have the answer to a long-lasting relationship, I am not married and no Dr Phil. I do know that yes, being able to communicate with your partner is very important, being attracted to someone physically and mentally is just as important. Finding that person who you are able to trust, be honest with, be respectful to, be caring and affectionate with are all key parts to any successful relationship.

Every relationship is different, every couple has different ideas of what makes them work well together and what doesn’t work at all. Then again, the perfect man is always a quiet one, like Errol, the hairy bear.

Mars on Life.