Tarzan Grrrrr….

Thursday night my mother dropped me home after having dinner at Chermside. Her departing words where “Tarzan the Disney movie is on Tv tonight”, telling her I already own it and thanks for coming to dinner with me. I’m a Disney fanatic, always have been, and always will.

Later that evening while I was on the phone my mother sent me a SMS about Tarzan, “Tarzan is cute”. My god! How can a 50-year-old woman who pays me out for watching animations at age 25 be saying this to me?!

A few guys I know find some female amine characters sexy and erotic. Even I thought as a child John Smith from Disney’s Pocahontas with Mel Gibson’s voice a very, very sexy and strong male character. Disney’s Hercules was another jaw dropping experience. How could any woman go past those muscles, hair and eyes?

What about Jessica Rabbit? Even I had to look twice! Maybe three times…

Animation may be satisfying to the eyes.  Who really would want to be in love with a sketch?  I could sketch my perfect man to admire all day, yet he would never be able to hold me in his arms or kiss me.

Mars on Life.