Open Relationship

I was checking the internet dating site that I belong to this morning as I had received a few “Kisses” which is a “Hi, would you be interested in talking further”. After checking a few of their profiles and replying no to them all, one profile seemed interesting, I like to read the About Me section and then check out their Personal Details in regards to height, weight, eye colour, and relationship status. His profile stated he was in an open relationship. I replied with a no, utterly shocked. I have not got my own profile as listed as wanting an Open Relationship.

Thinking about how rude this person was for trying to ruin my life with his “Openness” I started wondering how people have Open Relationships. I am not the kind of person who could ever “share” my partner. I like to know that my partner is mine, to cuddle, to kiss, to poke annoyingly, be my lover and friend for the length of our relationship.

Years ago when I was still a teenager an Army boy cheated on me. He would tell me that he was “Going away with the Army” for weeks on end. In the end we broke up because I found out that he was actually cheating. He would pretend to leave for Army a week early, spend a week with a girl named Tiffany at her place, then do the ‘actual’ Army training, after training he would bring his pathetic arse home.

I only found out about the cheating due to my Rotti Puppy Viper chewing my mobile to bits and my Partner lending me his mobile for when I went to University every day. Tiffany call him, hanging up when I asked ‘Who is this’, I called back demanding to know who it was calling my partner “Sweetheart”. She explained the entire affair to me on the phone, how long, that she knew all about me, and how ‘Sorry’ she was. I was so shocked and applauded with them both. I could not understand why he had thought that he was allowed to do this. When had I ever agreed to an Open Relationship?

After hanging up the phone I called my Father who came straight Ipswich to rescue me with a trailer to remove all my personal belongings from the Cottage we lived in before he would be home that night. I moved into my mothers Townhouse in Alderley which I had never been to before as we were not on speaking terms. I began my break up recovery, and started talking to my mother again after not speaking to her for nearly 2 years since leaving high school. I was not quiet home again, but it would do.

The search will continue…. but that is another story in (arrested) development.

Mars on Life.