Communication got you down?

We are all Living in the communication age with email, SMS, mobiles, forum websites, Facebook, google and twitter to name a few. There is a whole other universe on the Internet full of active communication.

Yet, have we lost our sense of communication. Once where the days that the home phone was your only way to contact someone who would hopefully be at home to receive your phone call. I remember as a young girl using the home phone to call my best friend after school. Mum would tell me that the home phone was used for calling people who you didn’t get to see everyday, like my grandparents who live in Toowoomba 2 hours from Brisbane. She would allow me too make these phone calls to my friend’s house even though I would have seen her only hours earlier at school. Who knows what was so important to talk about that it couldn’t wait until the next school day.

Mobile ~ When I make a mobile call now, after saying ‘hello’ I am asking whether the person is free to chat. Who knows where they are, their mobile. People are out and about, at the gym, shopping, dinner with friends or family, in the middle of making love. Your friends are not just at home to receive or miss your call anymore. I can leave a message on your message bank, or have your mobile provider send you a SMS message advising of my call. Then there are your friends who will answer your call asking you to call them back at a more suitable time when they’re not busy. Why would you answer your mobile in the first place if your already busy. Honestly I let my phone ring out with some people, mainly my father. Otherwise nothing will prevent me from answering your phone call when I’m not at work or in the shower. Your call is important to me.

Facebook ~ One of my most favorite communication tools that lets everyone on my Friend List know what I’m doing, how I am feeling, what song I have stuck in my head and everyone can comment on my Facebook activities. Facebook is a fantastic way to communicate on a large level, until there is miscommunication about a post. In some cases I am finding it hard to tell if someone is being serious or joking around with you, whether their being kind or nasty. I personally have a very sarcastic way of posting comments on my friends Facebook pages, I would hope someone would pull me up if I was being to ‘sarcastic’ or comments appeared nasty. I do delete any negative comments on my Facebook page that appear, I like to think of it as a happy place, and only have a positive outlook.

Email ~ Even emails can be misinterpreted. A simple “I miss you” could mean many things depending on your past relationship with the sender of the email. Questions that come too mind are: Why do you miss me? Am I ignoring you? What’s to miss? Emails have become a very personal way of communication. They are easily saved, and kept for future reference. I wonder how many of my emails sent have been forwarded to someone who should never had received what I typed out in the first place. Once you hit Send its all over Red Rover, hopefully something nice was said.

SMS ~ One of the easiest ways for myself to communicate with a person one on one. During working hours, while I am out and about and when in a cinema. It’s quiet, secretive and normally reliable to get a response from a friend within a timely manner of 20 minutes. Yet, when friends do not reply I find myself a little frustrated at them especially if I am in need of information.

Words written down use to mean something when written on paper. A Love Letter or Love Poem was worth keeping once forever. Now if you received a love email or poem sent via email, you may keep it in an email folder under said persons name and toss it into your trash upon break up. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to receive a Love E-mail or Poem, something written down on scented textured paper would always hold more importance to me then any electronic file.

In person ~ Is the best way of discussing matters. Nothing is written down, complete conversations are remembered off memories and facial expressions. The way someone looks at you when they say ‘I’m sorry’ could never mean so much too me unless done in person. The emotion shown could never be displayed through Facebook or a text. Telling someone you love them for the first time would never be believable over the phone, only being in someones arms hearing ‘I love you’ could feel real.

Yet, again and again I find myself in miscommunication with friends and waiting on a timely mannered reply. Having too many means of communication could be our downfall in the end, too many words misinterpreted, too many emotions being missed. Next time you’re feeling like communicating why not organize a coffee catch up and take your time, tell stories and update a good friend on your life by really talking one on one.

Mars on Life.