Painting my World

Feature Wall Before

About a month ago I was given approval by my Landlord to paint the ugly poo coloured feature wall of my unit any colour of the rainbow I wish to use.

Painting a rainbow would be far too expensive to paint, I decided on a bright shade of blue. My father took me to the local Bunnings and I spent about $90 on paint and painting utensils.

Having had a completely free weekend ahead of me, I decided the weekend will be a great time to paint the wall. Father came over early Saturday morning to help me move furniture away from the wall and start the wall washing preparations for when my friend Daniel at lunch time could come over and start the task of painting. Daniel arrived at Lunchtime with Big Day Pies to eat and I had already started the first coat of paint.

The First Coat of paint

After eating lunch Daniel and I started painting around the edges, as carefully as you can with paint. Daniel did the top being so tall, and I sat on the ground painting the bottom and around the power point while listening to the best of the 90’s on my iPad.

The first coat was done. Looking fantastic so far! We had two hours to kill while it dried and ran a few chores we both had to do. My search for a lemon pie was going terribly, and Daniels tyre issue was going smoothly.

4pm rolled around and we started the final coat of paint. We did the edges first this time and then filled the middle so that the wall wouldn’t appear to have a border.

Daniel did most of the second coat of paint, and his a legend for doing such a great job of it! By 5:30pm the wall was painted bright blue and I was looking forward to washing all the paint off myself and have a good dinner and drinks with friends that night.

The next day it was dry enough for dad and i to replace the furniture back to where it belonged for good. My white furniture looks amazing up against my shiny new blue wall of awesomeness!

I also have another painting project going on which includes my side-tables and dresser being painted white.

Already I have done the required two undercoat’s of white paint on my dresser. Sunday I made a start on the first layer of shiny white paint, it’s looking pretty awesome so far.

My search for glass or clear draw knobs is not going as planned. I want these so that my draws will have a real vintage look and feel about them that will add to the chic look I am trying to achieve in my bedroom.

All in all, a very productive weekend. My back and arms hurt a lot, I’m extremely happy with the final result, I’ve never felt more at home than now.

Feature Wall After - Best Wall Ever

Mars on Life.