Simon’s Search for True Love ~ Shag Tag (You’re It)

Have you got nothing else to do but watch the rain? Is it Sunday Morning and you are all alone again?

So ring up your friend for consolation.

I’ve got a little game that you can play. It’s magical, its sexual, and wonderful.

This game is tied to adult situations, no more running around the playground everyday.

You won’t even have to leave your home. I’ve saved it specially for a rainy day.

The rules are simple… You can bet on that.

How to play: Shag Tag (You’re it)
Players: 2 Adult Players Only.

1. Both players take your clothes off.

2. Player 1 finds a hiding spot.

3. Player 2 counts to ten.

4. Player 2 finds and chases Player 1 until Player 1 is tagged

5. Where player 1 is tagged you stop and shag.

6. Both players swap tagging and hiding positions until you can not continue to play Shag Tag anymore.

Shag Tag will get you hot!

7. And after all the games are said and done. Players can cuddle up together and make some love.

Shag Tag Theme Song:

Let’s play shag tag baby
(Run around with nothing on)
Shag tag baby
(We’ll do it till the clouds are gone)
Shag tag Uh huh
You’re it!

Short Story Based on Lyrics of Shag Tag (You’re It) by Prozzak.

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