World Domination

I purchased an iPad a week after its release. I honestly love it. I play games, continue to beat my high score in solitaire, watch TV shows and movies on it, watch YouTube, search the net, write on my blog, organize my calendar, play music, play around with photos, read books and could also have world domination all from my nice, warm and snug bed at home.

I seriously think that ‘if’ someone really wanted world domination you could have it with the iPad. It’s the most useful piece if portable software. With endless applications and more added everyday it’s hard to not find an application that wouldn’t help someone take over the world.

Recently over dinner with Daniel, he told me about a blog he had been reading about a man who returned his iPad back to the store.

Not because it was faulty, but because a person should have a chance to be bored. The iPad is to great of a distraction from life to let anyone become bored. The most creative ideas happen when we are bored he comments.

Yet, should some people have the opportunity to become bored in the first place. Imagine – if every person on earth had an iPad. Would the crime rate drop? Would drug use drop? Would another GFC happen if everyone had there very own iPad. People would be too busy communicating, using applications, surfing the web, checking email, watching TV, reading news, checking the stock market etc to become bored in there spare time.

Serial killers wouldn’t have time to leave their homes to choose their next victim, plan there attack, and follow through with it over several months. Instead serial killers could be using a game application that would fulfill their criminal addiction.

Speaking of addition, if everyone on earth had an iPad would we then have iPad Anonymous meetings for the new iPad addicts? I feel a few Facebook Anonymous meetings would do me some good.

I agree with the blog that people need to be bored at some point of our day-to-day lifes. I choose when I wish to be bored. If I require head space I will sit on the bus with my iPhone in my bag, not listen to music, choose not to read a book, I have a good look out the window and just let my mind wonder. Some afternoons I walk back home from gym without music on and just think. I now lay in bed at night before I go to sleep, think about what I did that day and what I could do better.

Even waiting for the microwave or toaster to finish is unnecessary wasted time that people will use to think. Why? Your bored. What else would anyone be doing but thinking while waiting for the toast to pop out?

The iPad is an object that will change the world, a new way of life. If you have enough self control the iPad will not take control of your life.

So… which application should I start off with for iPad World Domination?

*evil grin*

Mars on Life.

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