My First Day of Work

This morning I began my new work day routine. This is because I am starting a new position at the hospital.

At 5:40am this morning I hit snooze. Beginning my new work day routine wonderfully. Then again at 5:49am I hit the snooze button again. At 5:58am I turned those quaking ducks off for good and with my sleepy eyes rose out of bed to undress for a morning shower.

The water was so warm. I enjoyed every warm drop that hit my skin. On cold mornings like today it’s hard to pull yourself out of the shower to dress.

Drying myself and wrapping a towel around me I went to the kitchen to start heating up my oats for breakfast, packed my lunch an made my way back to my bedroom to dress and start putting on my face.

Hoping on the 7:05am bus this morning annoyed me instantly. Because for months now I see this freaky looking guy who works at Night-owl who stares at me funny when I get on the bus. The sight of him hurts my eyes and freaks me out. I rushed to a seat at the back of the bus so I can make sure he won’t harm me. His stupid goatie and beanie wearing head are so ugly it discusses me that a person like that even exists let along gets to look at me. Yuck!

Finally arriving at the hospital busway at 7:38am I hoped off the bus and went straight to the staff tea room for my wake up coffee. Leaving I waked into a old work colleague Emily and wished her good luck for her first day of her new position and headed on my way to my new workplace.

All day I have been in orientation. Learning new clinics, other staff members names, the way things work in physio. So far I’ve noticed the phone never stops ringing, and some guy who has amazing blue eyes but shame about the rest.

The admin staff seem like lovely ladies, but busy. Also had my first admin meeting at 11:30am. I had a 20 minute morning tea break at 10am and are currently on my 45min lunch break that started at 12:45pm and I finish at 4:30pm today.

I’ve also decided that I packed the perfect lunch today that consisted of a banana, apple, dried apricots and sultanas, 5 prunes and a Muslie bar.

After lunch I will have more work training. When I knock off work I am getting back on the bus so I can go to gym and run 5 km in a hope to shake this five nights of eating pizza weight I put on last week. I feel like a very unsexy tub of ice-cream.

Tonight I hope to eat some low fat soup, cuddle up on my couch and watch some more sex and the city episodes before I go to bed, hopefully earlier than I have been lately.

Mars on Life.