For just one day – Written by Mars on Life, February 2010

You held me in your arms, for just one day,
I felt so safe in this embrace, that you would never let me free.
Holding my hand so tightly over the cafe table,
as though you were keeping me from leaving your side.

Kissing me with Passion and Love, for just one day,
I believe things had changed, that you had an urge for me.
Spending beautiful moments Together, complimenting my appearance,
Touching places I had sensed forgotten about me.

You made me feel very Special, your Princess, for just one day.
The little things I have always loved about you came out this day.
You were who I fell in Love with, for just one day.
Being the Man I believe that you have been before in my eyes.

For just one day, I fell in Love with you again.
We can make every day, this one beautiful day.