When is Sex OK on a First Date?

Over a yummy pancake breakfast Saturday morning my girlfriend and I were discussing a date I would be going on with Mr P later that afternoon.  Joking around with her that I would sleep with this man on the first date, knowing it would stir her up.  She came up with some good points as to why it really is a bad idea to sleep with a man on the first date:-

1. If you have sex on the first date there may never be a second date since he got what he came for;
2. He may think your easy/slutty and loose all respect for you which wont help in any future relationship entered into with this man;
3. Not having sex on he first date keeps the man keen and eager to see you again. Waiting can also mean that you may have a chance to make the first time between you both special by going away for a weekend.
4. You may fall pregnant.

Later that afternoon Mr P came to my front door, gave me a kiss and hugged me hello and took me and my walking shoes for a drive up the mountains.  Part one of the date was a walk along a trekking path at Mount Glorious.

Once arriving Mr P and I started down a path selected by him.  Rainforest’s always remind me of dinosaurs.  I found an area along the path that I told Mr P I would love to sketch the trees and then add a dinosaur right in the middle, Mr P suggested a vegetarian dinosaur so that I wouldn’t be eaten alive.  Along the whole walk I was jumping from one big rock to the next and then the next, swinging off trees and their hanging vines.  Examining fallen trees for snakes or bug life.  I was having a wonderful time listening to our surroundings, enjoying our conversation’s and being myself.  I even climbed a tree like a monkey to get a better view.

We arrived at the end of our path.  I was in for a very romantic setting, a big lookout deck over the top of a waterfall.  It was just beautiful.  The sounds of water flowing, birds singing and just us standing there embraced in a cuddle.  I placed myself on the railing so I could sit while he stood up holding me so I wouldn’t plummet to my death.  We kissed and talked some more getting to know each other.  It really blew my mind that someone would bring me here, just to impress me.

After walking back through he forest to the car hand in hand, and driving back to Brisbane, Mr P dropped me off at home so I could have 2 hours to get ready for the second part of our date.  A 8pm reservation at Ahmets a Turkish restaurant at Southbank.

I was already feeling pretty impressed with Mr P at this point.  I kept thinking to myself with a giggle my girlfriends comment, “keep your legs shut miss!”.

Our dinner was wonderful, the couples platter that we shared was delicious, the music, conversation, and entertainment was fantastic, could not have gone any better.  I was really happy with myself, I had dressed up for dinner in my new black dress, black jacket, white scarf, and silver heels.  Mr P looked wonderful too in his Blue striped R.M. Williams Shirt, he just looked perfect in my eyes.

Throughout the night we held hands, kissed and I cuddled up inside his overcoat from the cold.

After dinner we went for a walk through Southbank and along the river.  Mr P found a spot for us to sit down and allowed me to take a seat on his lap.  The city lights were so beautiful. When would you ever see two views in one day? Nature and City coming together.

After deciding it was too late to catch a movie we decided to go back to his place near the city and had a cup of Cookies and Cream tea and watched The Incredible Hulk, my choice of the movie.

So the question being “When is Sex OK on the first date?”.  Even after a wonderful afternoon and night that I have had with Mr P, he doesn’t deserve any at all?

I am more of a feelings person.  If something feels right, I tend to jump on in.  If I feel unsure I like to keep distance but not too much so I can still get some good in site to the situation before choosing.  If I know deep down it feels completely wrong I tend to run for the hills yelling and screaming.

Saturday night I felt unsure.  I knew I was interested.  I knew I had a wonderful night, that I like this man, and it was obvious he liked me in return.  I just felt I had no reason to rush things and that I was pretty content with just cuddling up on the couch and enjoying being in his arms.

After the movie finished it was time for me to be headed home.  As tempting as it was to stay, I had none of my things and I would preferred to have a first sleepover better planned out.

After all I was already feeling pretty special that Mr P had gone to such efforts for me to have such a perfect first date.  Maybe next time he’ll get luckier.

Mars on Life.